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(computer science)
The computer operation of determining if a certain relationship exists between words in storage or registers, and taking alternative courses of action; this is effected by conditional jumps or equivalent techniques.



in law, an enactment of a soviet of people’s deputies or its executive committee, within the rights vested in it. A decision is adopted at a session of a soviet or at a session of its executive committee by a majority vote. The so-called mandatory decisions, which entail administrative responsibility if they are violated, constitute a special group.

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Participants completed Mann's (1982) 5-item Decisional Procrastination (DP) scale, reflecting levels of indecisiveness in day-today life.
Two related issues are central to this case: the ability of medical practitioners to assess decisional capacity in patients from different cultures, and the difficulty of surrogate decision making when the patient refuses to disclose relevant personal health information.
66) He thus did not entirely distance himself from a decisional theory he thought unsupported by the Constitution.
The ODSF defined decisional needs "as a gap between what is and what should be" (O'Connor et al.
What are the relationships among parents' perception of PNP communication skills, clinical competence, caring behavior, decisional control, and intent to adhere to recommended care regimen?
Identify the prevalence of decisional conflict in a cohort of patients with stage 5D CKD who receive HD via CVC access;
benevolence motivations, empathy) toward the victim than when receiving decisional or decisive forgiveness.
While in Florida there is complete dearth of caselaw on the use of mandamus to direct inferior courts to certify (or write an opinion allowing supreme court review of) 1) decisional conflicts; 2) issues of exceptional importance; and 3) issues of first impression, the Texas Supreme Court concluded long ago that mandamus is the proper remedy to compel certification of decisional conflicts.
Subsequent data revealed that those in the intervention group, which received the booklet decision aid, had statistically significant higher knowledge scores, lower decisional conflict scores, and higher satisfaction with decision scores.
The study of decisional regret in localized prostate cancer management would seem imperative given its incidence and the substantial vagaries in our understanding of comparative efficacy of its management.
En el campo del analisis de las politicas publicas, la relevancia del proceso decisional cobro fuerza entre las decadas de 1960 y 1980, en tanto se volvio importante explorar mas y mejores modelos que volvieran optimos los resultados de politica.