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(computer science)
The computer operation of determining if a certain relationship exists between words in storage or registers, and taking alternative courses of action; this is effected by conditional jumps or equivalent techniques.



in law, an enactment of a soviet of people’s deputies or its executive committee, within the rights vested in it. A decision is adopted at a session of a soviet or at a session of its executive committee by a majority vote. The so-called mandatory decisions, which entail administrative responsibility if they are violated, constitute a special group.

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Data were collected using a questionnaire containing demographic information, the Physical Self-Efficacy Scale (PSE), Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS), Resilience Questionnaire, SOEA, and Decisional Balance Questionnaire (DBQ).
The two called for further sociologizing the analysis of public action by putting the emphasis on the constant interactions between actors' cognitive matrix and their activities in the decisional process.
3: Decision making is the process of decision selection from available alternatives against the chosen criteria for a given decisional goal.
The major themes of importance of meaningful engagement, moving toward a new identity, and developing resilience through crisis emerged from the participants' descriptions of decisional criteria that gave priority to personal meaning and personal fulfillment in career decisions and work life.
If the story of how someone should have behaved differently than they did is joined or restoried by others, the jury may be diverted from its painful decisional task.
Fidelity in this context is simply seen as the promise to carry out a once decisional person's wishes.
Therefore, in order to fulfill the external and internal objectives of the company, it is of main importance that the actors involved in the decisional process, at the strategic level, analyze and consider all the identified decision possibilities before the beginning of the project itself.
A 2x2 MANOVA and univariate analyses on the benefits (pros) and costs (cons) scales of the Alcohol Decisional Balances Scale (ADBS) revealed significantly higher perceived benefits of alcohol use among students reporting normal drinking behaviors and meeting the DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria.
Although these cases made up less than 15% of the total decisional work of this Court in 2007, at stake are the rights of ordinary workers and small farms disaffected in an environment of globalization.
16) In general, delegating decision-making within an organization requires creating a decisional environment for subordinate decision-makers--an environment that reduces agency costs, externalities between internal units, and collective action problems.
Verification of lack of decisional capacity of patient to consent to medical treatment (after collaborating with physician either in person, by phone, or electronically)