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(computer science)
The computer operation of determining if a certain relationship exists between words in storage or registers, and taking alternative courses of action; this is effected by conditional jumps or equivalent techniques.



in law, an enactment of a soviet of people’s deputies or its executive committee, within the rights vested in it. A decision is adopted at a session of a soviet or at a session of its executive committee by a majority vote. The so-called mandatory decisions, which entail administrative responsibility if they are violated, constitute a special group.

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In such a posture of things, the public decision might be less swayed by prepossessions in favor of the legislative party.
Her eyes brightened, as they looked into his face and saw the decision there already, with the double penetration of her womanhood and her love.
The next morning the all-important decision was announced in words.
What should be prominent in providers' minds are helping to assist and counsel those with issues such as grief and bereavement, reconciling them to their decisions, and helping residents and families move toward the final transitions of life.
One of the most important human skills is our ability to use judgment and make choices, in other words, to make decisions.
This paper explains how perceptions of hierarchy in decision making are related to beliefs about influence over change and implementation decisions in Piedmont.
Students with disabilities are often not taught cognitive decision making skills, and many leave high school with very little training in how to make decisions about careers.
In a decision environment characterized by risk and uncertainty, timing of decisions and management time are critical to effective decision-making.
However, when experts in the field were studied making real-life decisions in stressful circumstances with accountability for the outcome of individual actions, a very different pattern of behavior emerged.
Both are necessary, but neither is sufficient, and the evidence suggests that the often conflicting requirements of growth and profitability can only be reconciled when capital management decisions take into account the cash flow potential of all strategic alternatives.
Physician executives looking for help to make good decisions should check out the article "What You Don't Know About Making Decisions" (Garvin and Roberto, Harvard Business Review, Sept.
Adapting concepts from decision theory to the context of career decisions provides a framework for a dynamic, interactive process.