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This, I now understand, is a simple declarative statement about the way muscles and tendons and nerves (oh, my
The name Heya is not a declarative statement but rather, a question to its members: what constitutes empowerment?
While Cliffs Natural Resources made a declarative statement that Sudbury was its choice to host a $1.
With a little plagiarism, this succinct declarative statement, with two possessive pronouns, is at least a start at identifying the essence of Dr.
Tomasula relies heavily on the declarative statement to define this cosmos: "[time could] regulate all reality, yet could not regulate itself; "time is a division, experience degraded into symbol and measure"; a pocket watch is a "cosmos in miniature"; "every machine is a time machine.
For messages that employ a declarative statement heading, issue concern does not affect perceived ad effectiveness.
A scientific hypothesis is a declarative statement within the realm of nature in the broadest sense of this term.
For a Structuralist such a statement would be a declarative statement, an answer, in that it postulates wisdom within the Wake, whereas for a poststructuralist it would be a question, in which there would be no certainty that such wisdom could be found there (p.
They discuss other issues--any other issues--and duck any declarative statement on uranium enrichment in formal diplomatic settings.
Each timepiece articulates GG's Bold, declarative statement of modern individuality with the grace and sophistication your lifestyle demands.
This category was coded as present when presidents used freedom in a declarative statement of national character or beliefs.
She sees herself as such a construction, as a declarative statement hidden inside a question.