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The deterioration of existing defense mechanisms, leading to an exacerbation of pathologic behavior.



disturbance of the activity of an organ, a system of organs, or the entire organism, as a result of exhaustion or disruption of its adaptive mechanisms.

Harmful influences that cause significant changes in the organism disturb the constant equilibrium between the organism and the external environment. After some time, the organism adapts itself to the new conditions of existence (for example, the heart muscle hypertrophies when there are heart defects) and equilibrium is restored—that is, compensation occurs. When there is compensation, the organ (or system) works under an increased load, as a result of which it succumbs more readily to harmful influences.

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The absence of metabolic decompensation, and/or presence of clinical features of insulin resistance, may prompt use of non-insulin drugs to control glycaemia, reduce insulin requirement, and modulate body weight.
The use of statins was associated with a reduced risk of decompensation and death in patients with alcoholic cirrhosis and the association between use of statins and death was more pronounced in patients with cirrhosis compared with noncirrhotic controls," the investigators noted.
hesitation to relinquish a complex medication regimen because the patient fears decompensation (which could be either realistic or unrealistic)
It is critical to obtain this information as early as possible in the evaluation of the potential liver transplant recipient with an unknown etiology of liver disease or who presents with acute hepatic decompensation," they wrote.
The incidence of respiratory decompensation and cardiorespiratory events (apnea, bradycardia, desaturations) after immunization was compared between infants with and without BPD after immunization (Pediatrics.
The IOL was removed due to corneal decompensation in 10 (60%) of the aphakic patients.
The PIONEER trial will investigate the effect of Entresto administration in hospital on changes in NT-proBNP (compared to enalpril) in patients with HFrEF following an acute decompensation.
Except one patient who had Corneal decompensation, all others had a better quality of Vision after Scleral Fixated IOL.
MMA also produces a number of more clinically apparent symptoms, including failure to thrive, anorexia, seizures, psychomotor developmental delay, dysmorphic facies, lethargy, vomiting, hypotonia, and agitation with inevitable metabolic decompensation during times of physiologic stress.
We report imported HEV genotype 4 infection (Technical Appendix Figure, panel A) in a patient during which cirrhosis and fatal hepatic decompensation ensued.
Jade Jamias, Andal's physician, said, "He is currently being managed as a case of advanced liver cancer with signs of decompensation.