decorative arts

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decorative arts,

term referring to a variety of applied visual arts, both two- and three-dimensional, including textiles, metalwork, ceramics, books, and woodwork, as well as to certain aspects of architecture (see ornamentornament,
in architecture, decorative detail enhancing structures. Structural ornament, an integral part of the framework, includes the shaping and placement of the buttress, cornice, molding, ceiling, and roof and the capital and other elements of the column, as well as the use
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), public buildings, and private houses (see interior decorationinterior decoration,
adornment of the interior of a building, public or domestic, comprising interior architecture, finishing, and furnishings. Asian and classical cultures used the decorative arts to create elaborate interiors, and they originated forms extensively copied in
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). It is also applied to numerous household objects that have surfaces suitable for ornamental designdesign,
plan or arrangement of line, form, mass, color, and space in a pattern. A design may be created to serve a functional purpose as in architecture and in industrial designs or else purely to provide aesthetic pleasure.
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; to ecclesiastical vestments and appurtenances; and to personal apparel and belongings, including costumes, jewelry, goldwork and silverware, arms and armor, tools, saddles, and automobiles.
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The Getty's lavish decorative arts collection includes fully outfitted rooms, such as a salon from a Paris town house in 1755.
Loughrey opened LAMA in 1995 and has held successful sales in 20th century decorative arts specializing in designs by architects from 1900 to the present with an emphasis on the mid- century movement.
com also provides extensive and authoritative archive of articles and photographs of 20th century decorative arts -- from Mission to Modernism, plus 15 years of auction catalogues and sales results from David Rago's respected auction business.
During the past two years, Old City has experienced an influx of art galleries, contemporary and ethnic crafts galleries, furniture and lighting showrooms and decorative arts dealers into its 10-block area.
Great road style; the decorative arts legacy of southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee.
Calloway, dressed in period costume, will discuss the history of the museum, the two decorative arts periods strongly identified with classic English-style and design - the Georgian and Regency eras - and detail some items in the museum's collection that are now available in exact reproductions in the ``Victoria and Albert Museum Collection.
Active in community affairs, Young is on the Board of the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio where he is the past President, is a member of the Downtown Columbus Club of Rotary International and serves on the Yale University Alumni Schools Committee.
First popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the decorative arts often feature stained glass and include themes from nature and influences from Asian arts.
The fabric-lined interiors of the decorative arts galleries, which have stirred so much critical chatter, soothe and complement rather than conflict.
The Digital Library's Charter Collection will be made available to non-profit institutions starting in July 2004, with approximately 300,000 images covering artistic traditions across many times and cultures, including architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts and design as well as many other forms of visual culture.
Christie's is the world's most potent marketplace for buying and selling art, offering close to 1,000 sales annually in over 80 categories, including all areas of fine and decorative arts, jewelry, photographs, Judaica, collectibles, wine, motor cars and more.
And while the museum's priceless holdings of paintings, sculptures, photographs, decorative arts, drawings and Medieval manuscripts received plenty of attention, the visitors were equally eager to inspect their own handiwork and point it out to loved ones.