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From regular provider coordination meetings and aligning local and federal resources, to dedicated street outreach teams and a coordinated assessment system that identifies, assesses, refers and navigates homeless veterans to housing, the Houston region has come together as a team to transform our homeless response system to effectively end veteran homelessness.
Those of us old enough to remember the days before the county boroughs, when towns like Colwyn Bay, Rhyl, and Holywell had their own borough or urban district councils, sometimes look back with nostalgia to our communities each having their own dedicated street cleaners, on site gardeners to care for public parks, and roads and pavements maintained to a high standard.
There is now a dedicated street cleansing team keeping our streets, rear lanes and public spaces clear of rubbish.
Apart from the food trail there's an all new bigger and better beer festival which has been sponsored by Berwick- based Simpsons Malt, and a dedicated street food area.
The exciting new paper came free with yesterday's Daily Record and was also handed out by our team of dedicated street vendors around the city centre.
Thanks to Aurasma - the world's leading augmented reality platform - shoppers at the central London store are taken on a unique journey, interacting with classic Universal characters in a completely new way through floor to ceiling branding, interactive point of sale and dedicated street team members.
It will run along Fernandez Juncos Avenue through Santurce and Miramar, loop around the Puerto Rico Convention Center District, and then run along an existing Metropolitan Bus Authority dedicated street through Puerta de Tierra into Old San Juan.
We have an unsung army of dedicated street cleaners who give of their best and are as exasperated as the rest of us at the state of sections of our town centre.
A PILOT scheme to give council wards their own dedicated street cleaning team is set to be rolled out across East Birmingham after litter was slashed.
Cllr Mike Storey, executive member for regeneration, said: "We have now taken on an extra two dedicated street inspectors and if they find work has not been reinstated, we will fine the companies.
It will join Monaco and another new venue, Singapore, as the only dedicated street venues on the F1 calendar.

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