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In these units, flake comes out of a cyclone, goes through a rotary air lock, and discharges into a zig-zag dedusting chamber, which cleans the regrind automatically, collecting dust, fines and paper in a bin.
Adding cooling fans and dedusting with cylones or bag collection costs about $15,000.
Invitation to tender : Detailed product description Design, supply, installation and commissioning of dedusting for tipping stations of waste heat and power plant, including dust filter, fan, suction devices, operation and control
6-million expansion, the company invested in material dedusting technology, purchasing a unit from Pelletron Corp.
Contract notice: Execution of additional 2 points dedusting line for production of alternative fuel rdf - task no.
2x line for grinding and dedusting of plastics, the quality will be achieved by plastic processing of the final product.
The dual venturi chambers and larger air-wash decks provide more precise control of air flow, allowing for a wider range of flow rates for quicker, more efficient dedusting.
This contract is primarily intended benefits dusting tables within the collections of the public establishment of the Palace, Museum and National Estate of Versailles (hereinafter the "VPA") and presented within the collection space said the State Apartments, the salon of Hercules (included) to the room Rite (included); alternatively the market also provides limited restorations including slagging and local re-fixing and dedusting other pictorial works within the collections of the EPV.
Italian manufacturers supplied capsule filling machines, container washing machines, containers, post hoists, isolation valves and dedusting equipment.
Makes aspiration and "Scalperator" dedusting systems, hammer mills, air-swept pulverizers, granulators for rubber bales, and shredders.