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(mechanical engineering)
An insulated, cooled compartment.

What does it mean when you dream about a refrigerator?

A refrigerator can represent a nurturing of the spirit as well as sustenance for the body. Opening the refrigerator door and standing there looking in and seeing the refrigerator amply supplied, without having to partake from it, many times reassures a person that what he or she seeks is really there for the taking.


A container and a means of cooling it, such as a commercial refrigerator, service refrigerator, etc.
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Major points from Table of Contents for 2015 Market Research Report on Global Deep Freezer Industry cover:
Tenders are invited for Minus 80 degree c deep freezer
Unhygienic and dirty storage of food items while the deep freezers were also found dirty.
The rising cost of ice has caused problems for the underprivileged, who have no fridge or deep freezers in their homes and have to rely on ice being sold by vendors in the intense heat season
s biobanking tubes feature a 30% reduction in height as compared to standard cryo tubes, allowing for an optimized utilization of available space in deep freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks.
Road burnt out 120 cabins , food commodities, motorbikes, deep freezers, cash and other valuables worth millions.
The corpses of Remy Martinot's mother and father have been stored for years in deep freezers in the cellar of his chateau.