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MTI uses specialized additive manufacturing, deep-draw, spinning, forging, machining, EDM, and fabrication methods to deliver superior products according to your exacting specifications.
The metal stamping company accrued approximately $10 million in 2004 revenues and specializes in deep-draw, MIG, TIG, and robotic welding.
Daniel Wyner, Shawmut Mills Vice President of Marketing, notes that in addition to greater elasticity in deep-draw applications, the Demique headliner composite offers a much tighter control of thickness than was available in standard headliner foam laminates.
The new press expands on MTI's deep-draw and forming capabilities for a variety of applications in diverse markets.
But it recently put its skills in deep-draw vacuum forming to work on a luggage cover for aluminum wheelhouses that combines thermoplastic sheet and thermoset composite in an outsized laminated structure for a major manufacturer of mass-transit buses.
reports that it has successfully formed Riteflex thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from Ticona into deep-draw liners and containers with width-to-depth ratios as great as 1:4 and walls as thin as 0.
Propulsion applications requiring high-temperature alloy systems can leverage MTI's experience in precision forming processes, additive manufacturing, CNC machining, proprietary deep-draw forming and forging methods, using standardized equipment and tooling.
Among them were several new tilt-mold continuous inline machines, a new plug-assist model for deep-draw parts, and a prototype pressure former that boasts new levels of productivity and energy savings in producing cups and packaging.
Custom deep-draw containers can be created, with ratios of up to 5:1, without the stresses that have previously prevented plastic containers from being retortable, the company reports.
For automotive applications, Kurz has developed vacuum formable grades (including deep-draw types) that can he tailored for hot stamping, in-mold decoration.
A leading manufacturer of deep-draw ice chest liners recently converted to catalytic heating with two retrofits from Vulcan Catalytic Systems of Portsmouth, R.