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deep cutting, deeping

The resawing of timber lengthwise, parallel to the faces.
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Deeping pulled one back in the 53rd minute, Daniele Schiavi netting from a corner but Harriers calmed the nerves with a fourth.
Mr Cannings, a retired history teacher at Deeping School, and Mrs Cannings, who teaches languages at Hampton College, Peterborough, have an 11-yearold son, Sam.
The bombing of a train as it passes through Little Deeping in the early 1940s appears a random event, but inevitably speculation about German spies begins to circulate.
Best known as the author of Sorrell and Son (1925), Warwick Deeping (1877-1950) published some seventy novels, through which, Mary Grover asserts, "we can trace the development of an author's bitter contestation of the place in the cultural hierarchy to which these texts are being consigned" (15)--consigned both by fellow authors like Kingsley Amis and Graham Greene, but also by critics like Q.
I would like to invite Mr Miliband and Mr Brown to stay in Mr and Mrs Daviess property in Deeping St.
She does not argue that Deeping wrote great literature, but that his books were more diverse and complex than portrayed by his contemporaries.
Welbourn, from Market Deeping, Lincolnshire, finished 1.
The Green Pallet Company, a new manufacturing company based in Market Deeping near Peterborough, has opened its doors for business.
Tenders are invited for Flushing and deeping of 112mm dia hand bore wells at various places in ward nos 69 to 72 of gvmc under summer action plan 2018
They couple, who live in the village of Deeping St James, Lincs, landed the second biggest Lotto win.
The General Director of the Sea Prots Corporations, Jalal Shalia, said in statement to SUNA that the past period witnessed the accomplishment of the first wharf of the project represtnted in deeping the port, explaining that the project will be implemented in several phases which include the construction of five sea wharffs, in addition to the sailing canal and the services atilities in the port.
Damedyke, Bank Drove, Deeping St Nicholas, Spalding, PE11 3BJ.