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see Scottish deerhoundScottish deerhound,
breed of tall hound developed in Scotland in the 16th and 17th cent. It stands from 28 to 32 in. (71.1–81.3 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 75 to 110 lb (34.0–49.9 kg).
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In the Deep South, you're also talking about coonhounds, hog dogs and deerhounds.
A deerhound called Kola died from jaundice on the day she was rescued by RSPCA inspectors.
Daily crowds of 75,000 were recorded, and winners were treated as national heroesThe popularity of hare-coursing waned after the introduction of modern greyhound track racing in 1926Nearly all the greyhounds running today on track and field can be traced directly to Waterloo Cup winners of the pastHare-coursing dates back to ancient Egypt and is believed to have been brought to England by the RomansWhippets, deerhounds, salukis, afghans and lurchers can course, but the most important breed is the greyhoundThe term greyhound is thought to be a derivative of 'gazehound', so-called because it hunts by sight alone