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see Scottish deerhoundScottish deerhound,
breed of tall hound developed in Scotland in the 16th and 17th cent. It stands from 28 to 32 in. (71.1–81.3 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 75 to 110 lb (34.0–49.9 kg).
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In the Deep South, you're also talking about coonhounds, hog dogs and deerhounds.
A deerhound called Kola died from jaundice on the day she was rescued by RSPCA inspectors.
The Duchess of Trent, accompanied by her deerhounds.
There will be consolation stakes for the runners beaten in the second and third rounds, while on the last day there will also be stakes for whippets, deerhounds and salukis.
Two Scotch deerhounds that she had received as a wedding present accompanied her on her initial journey.
Still unsatisfied, I found myself eyeing his shaggy Scottish deerhounds, at which point I thought it best to leave town quietly, by midnight bus, and take up residence where I wouldn't continue to shame my prominent family, dashing their political ambitions.