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defective work

Work not complying with the contract requirements. See nonconforming work.
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The Nursing Home Compare report shows the number of a home's deficiencies in comparison to both state and national averages.
In theory, nursing home operators can request an administrative hearing to oppose alleged deficiencies and then seek judicial review if the administrative hearing rules against them.
In 1986, individual taxpayers under audit suffered a blow when Congress amended section 163 to provide for the disallowance of the deduction for interest paid by noncorporate taxpayers on tax deficiencies.
4 (2002), that interest paid on income tax underpayments and deficiencies was nondeductible personal interest even if the tax resulted from the taxpayer's trade or business.
2001), aff'g 113 FSupp 2d 790 (DC MD 2000), the Fourth Circuit held that interest payments on Federal income tax deficiencies were SLLs under Sec.
Unappealable deficiencies (level G or above) can also subject a facility to heightened sanctions and to the immediate ("no grace period") imposition of civil monetary penalties in subsequent surveys.
To avoid the imposition of serious enforcement remedies for failure to correct deficiencies, providers must thoroughly understand the new requirements for submitting the HCFA-2567 -- Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction before the next survey occurs.
Interest on Federal Tax Deficiencies and Overpayments Revisited
In another clinical trial, once-daily treatment with IPLEX significantly improved height velocity in children with severe primary insulin growth factor-I (IGF-I) deficiencies.
Generally" does not mean "always"; the question is when would interest on tax deficiencies not be personal interest?
During pregnancy, even milder deficiencies could retard fetal development and result in physical and mental retardation.
In patients in whom these tests are found to be normal, rarer factor deficiencies may be considered.