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Deficient frogs were found to have poorly developed optic neurons and a reduction in synapses, which facilitate the transmission of impulses from one neuron to another.
4 percent--were structurally deficient at the time.
Priority for replacement will be assigned to warning and regulatory signs and the most deficient of those (Des # 1401347) in Seymour District
While there are 2,000-plus fewer structurally deficient crossings than there were in 2013, a seemingly endless backlog of bridges needing significant repair remains.
The good news is that there are 17 fewer structurally deficient structures in Alabama than there were in 2013.
Approximately 3 percent of the state's bridges are structurally deficient, which means they are safe for travel but are in need of rehabilitation or replace ment, according to MDTA.
Adults who were moderately deficient in vitamin D had a 53% increased risk of developing dementia.
com)-- The key products in this new line of plasmas include the Factor VIII Deficient and the Factor IX Deficient.
Today, though, there more deficient bridges in our 100 largest metropolitan areas than there are McDonald's locations nationwide.
Previous studies have reported inconsistent results regarding the extents of tibiofemoral anterior-posterior movement and internal-external rotation in ACL deficient knees during flexion.
The US Department of Housing and Development and the Manhattan US Attorney have filed a case against Wells Fargo Bank (NYSE:WFC) for 'deficient training, deficient underwriting and deficient disclosure' in relation to approval of loans for Federal Housing Administration(FHA) insurance.
Five subjects, or 25%, were GH deficient on the basis of a peak value of less than 3 ng/mL in response to glucagon stimulation.

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