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If milk is Definitely Yorkshire, what else fits this proud brand?
This sonata is definitely a welcome addition to the piccolo repertoire and will be performed often.
There's been no contact but he would definitely be interested in hearing from the FA," said Van Nieuwenhuizen.
Dairy Farmers of Britain (DFB) is launching a milk brand called Definitely Cheshire as part of its ambitions to become a major player by persuading consumers to form an 'emotional connection' with British farmers.
The retail market has definitely improved in the past six months.
Yeah, the court telling Roy Moore to get over himself was definitely nice to read.
Torrington based farmers' co-operative, Definitely Devon, which sources all its milk from farmers in North and Mid Devon, is now supplying Plymouth and South West Co-op stores throughout the County with its 'Definitely Devon' branded milk and creams.
Nope, you're not alone in this concern and it doesn't sound like you're missing anything either, but your husband definitely is.
Our motto is crazy about farming, and our new space definitely supports that belief," says AdFarm CEO Kim McConnell.
I can tell you that there is definitely a growing need for places that concentrate specifically on ethnic skin care.
In fact, 30% would "definitely" purchase LTC insurance if it's employer subsidized, compared to 14% saying they would definitely buy unsubsidized coverage.