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Particular applications for this technology include grinding, polishing, deburring and deflashing.
Deflashing occurs in one station instead of two, and the system utilizes two-axis servo drive instead of three axes in the previous system.
a leading provider of Cryogenic Services such as cryogenic deflashing & deburring, cryogenic treatment, thermal cycling and dry ice blast cleaning, has received its registration from National Quality Assurance, U.
Applications include cleaning, deburring, deflashing, peening and decorative finishes.
FPM's Automation Division also provides flexible work cells that incorporate robotic press loading, fastening, visual inspection, assembly, deflashing, welding and packaging, of finished parts.
Its core business is in gear-pump and standard pre-formers, ram extruders, cold feed screw extruders, cryogenic deflashing machines and microwave drying and heating systems.
An in-house milling and cryogenic deflashing capability.
Model L1 can also be used for other applications such as deflashing wires, cleaning legs of electronic components, and cleaning pins on transformers and coils.
The T-50 is intended for deburring, deflashing, surface preparation, cosmetic finishing, or overall impact treatment of up to about one cubic foot of parts per batch.
The seals are subject to cryogenic deflashing to remove all traces of surplus elastomer and produce a "clean" seal for immediate use, Precision Polymer Engineering