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(file format, compression)
A compression standard derived from LZ77; it is reportedly used in zip, gzip, PKZIP, and png, among others.

Unlike LZW, deflate compression does not use patented compression algorithms.

Used as a verb to mean to compress (not decompress!) a file which has been compressed using deflate compression. The opposite, inflate, means to decompress data which has been deflated.

Deflate is described in RFC 1951.
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In addition to bringing out America's inner 14-year-old, the case of the deflated footballs has demonstrated once again how crazy we are when it comes to football.
Here, at the end, we only introduce related deflated quasi-(bi)orthogonal residual methods.
It can be deflated in seconds if the boss returns to the office.
Suppose that Senior dies in a future year, after Deflated inflates in value to $4 million.
If it's hard not to feel a little, well, deflated by this apparent--albeit Theoretically Correct--curtailment of possibility, five accompanying paintings at least lend the project some additional color.
They were sitting in the dressing room pretty deflated and pretty down.
He said three of the truck's tires deflated, and the driver turned right onto Cudworth Road and stopped just past Powerhouse Gym, where the driver was arrested and brought back to Douglas.
That four-point play deflated us a bit," Flintridge Prep coach Kenny Fisher said.
After the balloon has been deflated and removed, the endoscope is used to inspect the frontal recess or sinus ostium (figure, I).
While a deflated run flat tyre is designed to cope with the demands of a solo vehicle, the additional mass of a caravan/trailer subjects the tyre to higher stress levels and impacts on the tyre's in-built torsional and lateral stability.
Its vainglorious brandishing of 340 recordings, deflated to 18, then to 13, to 8, and finally to 6, was then pinched down to a mere 25 words allegedly uttered on a single one