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(file format, compression)
A compression standard derived from LZ77; it is reportedly used in zip, gzip, PKZIP, and png, among others.

Unlike LZW, deflate compression does not use patented compression algorithms.

Used as a verb to mean to compress (not decompress!) a file which has been compressed using deflate compression. The opposite, inflate, means to decompress data which has been deflated.

Deflate is described in RFC 1951.
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The Gandhi scion also mocked at BJP for hyphenating their victory in 2004 and 2009 which turned out to be a cropper and urged the voters to punish them by deflating their new balloon and help Congress win yet again.
For these services, it is feasible to survey their prices directly and then apply the standard statistical practice of deriving an (implicit) output quantity index by deflating nominal revenue with an appropriate price index.
When the system identifies that a tyre is deflating it triggers an alarm to advise the driver to stop and check the tyre pressures.
Pettit's tough but elastic formula stands up to multiple cycles of inflating and deflating.
The change reflects a new treatment of special financing incentives (such as "zero-percent" financing), one that is more consistent with our method of deflating consumer purchases of light trucks.
A deflating real estate market has translated into lagging residential construction, offset slightly by spurts in commercial and industrial construction.
Run flat tyres must only be fitted to a car that has been designed to accept this technically advanced tyre and has a pressure monitoring system that provides the driver with an audible or visual warning of a deflating tyre.
We recognize the economic vitality that anglers and boaters bring to that area of the river and we have extended their season as long as possible before deflating the dam and lowering the lake," said Bureau of State Parks Director Roger Fickes.