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(file format, compression)
A compression standard derived from LZ77; it is reportedly used in zip, gzip, PKZIP, and png, among others.

Unlike LZW, deflate compression does not use patented compression algorithms.

Used as a verb to mean to compress (not decompress!) a file which has been compressed using deflate compression. The opposite, inflate, means to decompress data which has been deflated.

Deflate is described in RFC 1951.
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More generally, while price deflators for personal computers (PCs) often are estimated with hedonic techniques, the nexus of innovation has moved beyond PCs to mobile devices and areas that are, perhaps, less visible like navigation equipment (GPS).
An important distinction between pairing GDP with its deflator and pairing IP with the CPI is the extent to which products in the output index are matched to products in the price index.
The composition of deflators also changed markedly, mainly reflecting government policy.
T] obtained using the NFB and PCE deflators are virtually zero.
It is a general feature of term structure models that only a subset of the parameters that determine the dynamics of the state-price deflator and the state variables is identified in the cross-sectional bond-pricing solution.
A conceptually superior procedure to deflating health expenditures by the CPI is to deflate them through a sectoral approach comparable to that used in deflating gross domestic product (GDP), where own-price deflators are identified for each type of expenditure.
For simplicity, in many cases the real money stock is defined by using as the relevant deflator the price of either of those goods.
For its 1982 benchmark indexes of office and computing machines, the Census Bureau adopted the price deflator that the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the IBM Corporation developed jointly.
According to the reconciliation methodology used in this article, all of the difference in the growth rates of these two series was caused by the different price deflators.
These two alternative deflators have diverged considerably more in the United States than in Canada over the 1961-2007 (Chart 6).
The basic series is deflated using the CPI-W but, for purposes of comparison, an alternative series obtained using the fixed-weight PCE deflator also is presented.
For use in deflating R&D for the national accounts, the authors concluded that at the macro level, the impact on R&D investment and GDP is not greatly affected by the choice of industry-specific or aggregate deflators.