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(file format, compression)
A compression standard derived from LZ77; it is reportedly used in zip, gzip, PKZIP, and png, among others.

Unlike LZW, deflate compression does not use patented compression algorithms.

Used as a verb to mean to compress (not decompress!) a file which has been compressed using deflate compression. The opposite, inflate, means to decompress data which has been deflated.

Deflate is described in RFC 1951.
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For the countries covered by the analysis as a whole, the growth differential between the consumption deflator and the value added deflator has been small and depends on the precise measure of the consumption deflator.
The greatest difference between industry-specific and aggregate deflators shows up in industries where labor and other input costs have a different growth rate from the single index chosen.
For the GDP, CPI, and PCE deflators, the ratio of the variance of true inflation to the variance of the measurement error ([[GAMMA].
The purpose of this brief note is to show the extent to which the choice of the deflator can alter the adjustment of a monetary economy to various shocks in a qualitative, and hence important, way.
BEA personal income is deflated by the implicit price deflator for personal consumption expenditures, hereafter referred to as the PCE Deflator.
While this is a reasonable stand-in until something better can be developed, trends in deflators for some categories of intangible capital could be quite different from the GDP deflator.
The deflators were constructed by BEA in 1985 using annual price indexes for computing equipment that were initially developed by the IBM Corporation.
These two alternative deflators have diverged considerably more in the United States than in Canada over the 1961-2007 (Chart 6).
3) Specifically, the current-dollar figures reported by survey respondents are adjusted using implicit price deflators developed for each industry from unpublished detail on current- and constant-dollar nonresidential fixed investment in the national income and product accounts.
Implicit Price Deflators for the Relation of Gross National Product, Net National Product, and National Income
P&E expenditures estimates have been revised to incorporate new seasonal-adjustment factors from 1984 to date and new P&E implicit price deflators (henceforth, deflators) from 1973 to date.
The latest estimates indicate a larger upward revision in planned real spending than in planned current-dollar spending because the latest projected increase in the capital goods price deflator for "all industries' is lower than the 1.