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A plate, baffle, or the like that diverts the flow of a forward-moving stream.



(1) Exhaust equipment installed on the outside end of a pipe (shaft), most frequently in order to remove impure air from various premises and from railroad cars. Sometimes deflectors are used to bring air into premises, for instance, into a ship. A deflector works by using the energy of air (wind) flowing around it. Deflectors are usually made of sheet metal (steel); concrete, asbestoscement mixtures, and other materials are sometimes used. A deflector must be installed in such a way that the wind will always flow around the deflector regardless of the wind direction; the orifice (mouth) of the pipe must be protected from atmospheric precipitation. The most widely used types of deflectors are the TSAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute) and Shanar-Etual’ models.

(2) A device for measurement and elimination of deviation in a magnetic compass.

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Vehicle owners are increasingly choosing sunroof deflectors for decorative purposes and not as functional products.
In response to an invitation from the Singapore Airport Authorities BDI recently conducted trials there with specially-made blast deflectors positioned around a pre-delivery A380 for SIA.
LMG's unique electronics and software developed for the AO Deflectors will allow a number of distinct input optical signals to operate simultaneously.
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The Arnold Engineering Development Center at Arnold Air Force Base in Tennessee ordered the dual-axis IR deflectors for its direct-write scene generator test chamber.
NASDAQ: GLAR), a leading high-quality manufacturer and marketer to automobile manufacturers of wind deflector accessories, announced today the official opening here of a $700,000 state-of-the-art addition to its factory and corporate headquarters building.
Short description of the contract or purchase / procurement - Visit 6 blowers, drawing and primary air unit 4 of the UP Le Havre : - Replacing or renovating deflectors fans blowing and primary air.
As politicians fret about which way to jump on the issue they will be aware that pulling the deflectors off the air could mean they are switching off their own political futures.
In this study, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts thoroughly examine the following applications: hood shields, side wind deflectors, front bars, custom grilles, side rails, and bed rail caps.
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When asked about the expected working life of deflectors like those provided at Madrid, Mr Bergin replied: "The heavy-duty galvanised steel is highly resistant to corrosion and has an expected useful life of over 20 years.