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A plate, baffle, or the like that diverts the flow of a forward-moving stream.



(1) Exhaust equipment installed on the outside end of a pipe (shaft), most frequently in order to remove impure air from various premises and from railroad cars. Sometimes deflectors are used to bring air into premises, for instance, into a ship. A deflector works by using the energy of air (wind) flowing around it. Deflectors are usually made of sheet metal (steel); concrete, asbestoscement mixtures, and other materials are sometimes used. A deflector must be installed in such a way that the wind will always flow around the deflector regardless of the wind direction; the orifice (mouth) of the pipe must be protected from atmospheric precipitation. The most widely used types of deflectors are the TSAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute) and Shanar-Etual’ models.

(2) A device for measurement and elimination of deviation in a magnetic compass.

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To address the challenges with manually set deflectors and the frustrations that lead to using deflector-free squeegees, a new self-adjusting paste deflector technology has been developed.
60 m pigeon deflector rail spikes steel niro 3 rows
According to place of installing different types of deflectors, it is observed that deflector type 1 has the most influence on the length of outlet jet from deflector, for the way of contact with flow and after that deflector type 2 and 3 have less effect.
Researchers at Rutgers University have invented and tested a patent-pending wind turbine blade deflector that transforms a strong drag force into a strong lifting force.
Who knows if my flame deflectors are an original idea that no one in the history of woodfiring has ever tried, but I do feel as if I am starting to think outside of the traditional way of working in a wood kiln which, I believe, will move me towards finding my own voice within the process.
We have installed a number of jet blast deflectors but the GRE project was much larger and more involved than past projects.
The resulting pressure losses, velocities and streamlines were used to design the deflector shapes taking into account the results obtained in the study (Carija & Mrsa, 2005) where just the S-bend deflectors and the sixth turbine T-junction were modeled in a 3D Fluent VoF (Volume of Fluid) simulation.
A deflector directs the hot exhaust from the towing tank upward and away from the disabled tank.
A travel kit that includes a warning triangle, spare bulb and fuse kit, yellow jacket, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, headlamp deflector kit, tyre fix aerosol and a GB sticker is available from www.
SAAB has reduced the price of the wind deflector that it sells as an accessory for its 9-3 convertible.
SAAB has reduced the price of the wind deflector that it sells as an extra-cost accessory for its 9-3 Convertible model.
Taking into account the results obtained in the study (Carija & Mrsa, 2005), the Sk11 through Sk22 deflectors were positioned according to guidelines set in (Idel'chik, 1966).