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The deforestation and pollution associated with mining also negatively impact Indigenous communities living in the forest.
The biggest beneficiaries, of course, are the corporations whose hunger for land is driving most of the large-scale deforestation.
Deforestation has many negative effects on the environment, with the most dramatic ones being a loss of habitat for millions of species and climate change.
Important as these programmes are, they are no substitute for progress on deforestation, which accounts for at least 60 percent of Indonesia's carbon emissions.
But even there, the battle is not won, as deforestation spiked in 2013, mainly in areas where agricultural expansion is happening.
CGF members are now better understanding its significant role in tropical deforestation and are recognising the importance of tackling this issue as part of their commitment to achieve zero-net deforestation by 2020.
Jahangir further told that the timber mafias, clearing of the land for the developmental projects, and the burning of wood as a fuel could be the main reasons for deforestation across the country.
The specific objective of this study is to assess, from existing studies, the impact of sectorial policies from the European Union on tropical deforestation and forest degradation.
Global Forest Watch researchers will be able to use the deep learning algorithms to recognize patterns, such as road-building in previously undisturbed areas, and forecast deforestation before the destruction occurs.
Efforts are being taken in support with the provincial forest departments to check deforestation and promote tree plantation involving different techniques including agro-forestry and community-based management of forest resources, he added.
But an end to deforestation is clearly fanciful unless there is a worldwide conversion to Gwyneth Paltrow's palaeolithic diet.
Nature Climate Change, the total area lost to deforestation in