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The Young's modulus E (MPa) was calculated as the slope of the initial part of deformation curve.
In the tests, razor blade shear energy (N * mm) is calculated as the area under the force deformation curve from the beginning to the end of the test.
At that point a load is reached that leads to crack development with a drop in the load deformation curve in some test specimens.
The test specimens compressed in the dominating direction of the fibres (2nd direction) initially deformed more slowly and their deformation curve at the initial compression stage was more upright.
The cyclic deformation curve of the forged steel is independent of the geometrical direction (i.
The above analysis of clay deformation clearly indicates that based on the assumption of uniform deformation curve of clay in effective stress-strain-time space, the residual deformation ([[epsilon].
For approximation of deformation curve of the smooth sample with sixfold resharpening the power law hardening equation [s.
Hyperelastic constitutive models are used to represent the nonlinear elastic deformation curve.
The deformation curve consists of two quasi-lin-ear parts that differ in their slopes: the first one at the lower strains with a higher slope is the basis for determination of the modulus of elasticity, whereas the other one is characteristic for higher strains.
Besides, the shape of the cumulative AE events versus deformation curve also depends on adhesion between phases.
We then loaded this beam in flexure to obtain the force versus deformation curve for multiple specimens.
The energy values in this kind of discontinuous jump deformation are independent of the actual path of the deformation curve and depend only on the end-points.