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An ingenious system of moving doors enables each of the evaporators to be defrosted one by one.
In the case of the DX evaporator, the entire coil block could not be fully defrosted for the lower temperature setpoints during the prearranged 20 minute cycle.
The bloke phoned to confirm a delivery date and said: "You will make sure the old one is defrosted, won''t you?
The separation would create two markets: one for 'normal butter' and one for defrosted butter which the consumer would certainly view as a second-class product although there is absolutely no difference in terms of quality," said Jukka Likitalo, legal adviser at Eucolait, the European Association of Dairy Trade.
Cook for 10 minutes until a lovely sauce has appeared and all the fruit has defrosted.
One officer came across a pounds 26,000 car that was being defrosted while its owner was inside having a cup of tea.
EASIER DEFROSTING Once you have defrosted your freezer apply a layer of glycerin to the internal surfaces.
THE one visitor nobody wants at Christmas is food poisoning from a poorly defrosted or cooked turkey.
Unwrap the fresh or defrosted bird and remove the giblets and neck from the body and/or neck cavities (use all but the liver to make gravy, if desired).
Fresh or defrosted food is then steam cooked to retain vitamins and minerals.
All Sheer Indulgence dessert sauces are frozen and packed in 12 x 60g sachets for individual portion control, and can be defrosted in the microwave before heating, or heated from frozen in a pan of boiling water or bain marie.
Swalec energy efficiency manager Andrew Lloyd said: 'A freezer that hasn't been defrosted for ages probably isn't working to its maximum effectiveness and could be costing more to run.