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city (1990 pop. 16,768), seat of Defiance co., NW Ohio, at the confluence of the Auglaize and Maumee rivers, in a farm area; settled 1790, inc. 1836. Its manufactures include machinery and food, fabricated-metal, and glass products. Gen. Anthony WayneWayne, Anthony,
1745–96, American Revolutionary general, b. Chester co., Pa. Impetuous and hot-headed, Wayne was sometimes known as "mad Anthony," but he was an able general. Early Career

Not inclined toward academic studies, Wayne became a surveyor in 1763.
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 built Fort Defiance in 1794. Defiance College is in the city. A Johnny Appleseed festival is held annually.


Becket, Thomasà
(c. 1118–1170) uncompromisingly defended the rights of the Church against King Henry II. [Br. Hist.: NCE, 2735]
Mahon, Christopher
defies his father twice, knocking him out with a blow on the head. [Irish Drama: J. M. Synge The Playboy of the Western World in Magill I, 758]
Man for All Seasons, A
Sir Thomas More (1478–1535) refuses to acknowledge Henry VIII as supreme head of the church. [Br. Hist.: Benét, 686; Br. Drama: Robert Bolt A Man for All Seasons in On Stage, 439]
Tell, William
Swiss patriot refused to salute the Austrian governor’s cap. [Swiss Legend: Brewer Dictionary, 885]
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The DEFY program processes had been reviewed in accordance with the DON-wide SSN Reduction Program.
He's a brilliant jumper and got a grand lead from Defy Logic.
It is expected that the bank could defy a government rule to sell multiple insurers' products.
The Defy Mini, on the other hand, comes with a cheaper price tag of INR 11,490 and has provision for dual-SIM.
DEFY also features a 5-megapixel camera, CrystalTalk PLUS to vanquish noisy environments and an Adobe Flash Lite-enabled Web browser, while maintaining the same access to Google services as that available on the FLIPOUT phone, including Google Search, Google Maps and Gmail.
DEFY also features CrystalTalkA PLUS to vanquish noisy environments.
Time Defy products are great for keeping the years at bay and ensuring my hair is properly nourished and its vitality maintained.
What President John Kennedy presented to the UN in theory is being accomplished by President George Bush in fact: making the military resources of the United States available to the UN, as a means of enforcing UN authority over all nations of the world that defy UN hegemony.
The top leader of Nepal's Maoist rebels urged people Wednesday to defy the government's ban on public gatherings in Kathmandu.
Gravity pushes your spine into your pelvis, and your pelvis into legs, and so I'm using the image of rebound to defy gravity and create space in the joints.
At least 13 American Catholic colleges and universities (out of some 240) have defied the US bishops by inviting commencement speakers who defy Church teachings on key moral issues, the Cardinal Newman Society reports (CWNews.