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1,4,5) A multifocal muscular disease or a neurologic problem were considered less likely due to the normal movements of the tongue and normal deglutition once the bandage was placed.
Gastrointestinal disorders: acid reflux, deglutition disorder, dry mouth, dysgeusia, dysphagia, eructation, flatulence, obstipation, salivation increased.
This prevents air passage into the hypopharynx during inspiration and protects the airways from esophagogastric content reflux after deglutition.
This mass moved with deglutition but not with protrusion of the tongue.
Consequently, dysphagia may present as decreased range of motion (ROM), strength, and/or coordination of the muscles used for deglutition, resulting in delayed triggering of the swallow, reduced swallow efficiency, or reduced aspiration/penetration [7-8].
Eating difficulties in the following areas were registered: ingestion (n = 10), deglutition (n = 18), and energy (n = 16).
Cette exploration par voie haute de l'appareil digestif via l'introduction d'un appareil optique, un endoscope ou fibroscope, est indiquee dans les cas suivants : - douleurs epigastriques ; - nausees et vomissements persistants ; - symptomes de reflux gastro-oesophagien (brulures) ; - difficultes a la deglutition (sensations de blocage appelees dysphagie), saignements digestifs (voies haute ou basse) ; - alteration de l'etat general (perte de l'appetit avec amaigrissement) ; - douleurs thoraciques (apres negativite des explorations cardiologiques) ; - anemie avec carence en fer ; - ingestion de caustique (l'examen sera alors realise dans les 24heures suivant l'admission dans un etablissement de soins).
Pressure changes--such as those prompted by deglutition, excessive coughing spells, and blowing on a musical wind instrument--may provide additional strain for such herniation.
Treatment to improve disordered oropharyngeal deglutition has traditionally centered on behavioral interventions, with the intended purpose of facilitating safe and efficient oral feeding.
Delayed swallow reflex, laryngeal incompetence (poor elevation of the larynx and incomplete vocal cord adduction for example) and pharyngeal residue (food particles that persist in the vallecular sinus or stick to the wall of the pharynx) following deglutition, are frequent sequela following stroke.
However, Madelung disease may be associated with serious medical problems: difficulties in limb movements, difficulties in turning of the head, difficulties in deglutition, hoarseness, dyspnea, or sleep apnea caused by airway compression.
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) speech-language pathologists (SLPs) are integral to the management of individuals with dysphagia, oftentimes employing one or more treatment approaches to improve deglutition for functional oral intake.