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The herbicide atrazine and its degradation product deethyl atrazine, when censored to a common LRL of [greater than or equal to]0.
Levels of a bone degradation product that signals osteoclast activation and progression of bone metastasis were measured in 27 of the patients; during a 6-month period, the levels decreased by at least 25% in 6 patients and remained stable in 10 patients, indicating a halt in disease progression.
Sulfone was the main degradation product in soils with low moisture contents (15-30%), whereas the sulfide derivative was the main degradation product in soils with high moisture contents (>50%).
This enabled cattle to degrade the toxic amino acid in leucaena leaves, and its degradation product in the rumen.
It was known that threonate was a degradation product of vitamin C, but it was always thought it didn't do anything.
The degradation product formed from each drug has been identified by comparing the respective chromatograms of each API with formulations obtained after forced degradation studies.
soluble fibrin monomers, fibrin degradation product, or D-dimer) should be ordered.
Impurity, Metabolite and Degradation Product Identification
CTX-I, otherwise known as CrossLaps, is an acronym for the degradation product of Type I collagen, which is the major form of collagen found in bone.
Day to day variations studies showed that ITH was stable even on 15th day while PAN, on 4th day gave rise to prominent degradation product, which increased to a large extent on 15th day as can be seen on the chromatogram recorded on 15th day as shown in Fig.
BPA can leach from a dental sealant if it is not completely polymerized and is released into the oral cavity as a degradation product resulting from enzymatic activity within saliva.
CONCLUSION: This research is the first to link toxic effects directly to a THF degradation product ([gamma]-butyrolactone) rather than to [C.