degree of saturation

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percent saturation

The ratio of the volume of water in a given soil mass to the total volume of intergranular space, expressed as a percentage.
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As can be seen, increase in the degree of saturation characterized by the coefficient of Skempton (B) lead to a reduction in the resistance of the deviatoric stress (Fig.
Thus, the degree of saturation reported in the graph is only relative, within the bounds indicated within the graph.
As the degree of saturation increases, the relative amount of butadiene units is systematically replaced by ethylene-co-butylene units, resulting in clear differences in the thermal behavior.
Therefore, the concentration of cis-AEOEA substantially influences not only the degree of saturation and the final material properties, but also the stability of latex.
Evaluating the mixture properties from Equations 1, 2, and 3 requires knowing the degree of saturation, [mu], that must be obtained from a humidity-related measurement.
As many readers will appreciate, oils and fats have a certain resistance to oxidation and, depending on their degree of saturation and the natural or added antioxidants present, the storage periods may be increased to a greater or lesser extent.
Even its n-apparent value suggests greater reactivity by a higher degree of saturation during reduction.
HNBR and EPDM have a relatively weak interaction with the carbon black because of their high degree of saturation.
Procurement subject is: field and laboratory probes for pressure and degree of saturation, equipment for the induction and measurement of the speed of fluid, equipment for the visualization and analysis of fluid flow and measurement of mechanical, chemical and biological characteristics of water, experimental groove for modeling flow in open channels and the experimental chamber for modeling precipitation and groundwater flow
Surface tension and degree of saturation of polymer are the controlling parameters of gas diffusion into polymer, and so bubble life time in polymer melt depends on these parameters 1101.
Certainly the Internet exposed magic products to a larger audience, however 10+ years later we have found a degree of saturation.
The influence of the degree of saturation on the aging resistance was described as well.