dehydrated food

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dehydrated food:

see food preservationfood preservation,
methods of preparing food so that it can be stored for future use. Because most foods remain edible for only a brief period of time, people since the earliest ages have experimented with methods for successful food preservation.
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00, through which, 150 metric tons of dehydrated food will be distributed to over 22,700 people in eleven provinces of the Dominican Republic.
For three weeks Clive wandered lost, surviving on fruit and dehydrated food.
Fresh Fruits and Agricultural Product, Meat and Dairy Products, Fish Products, Condiments, Frozen and Prepared Products, Dehydrated Food Stuffs, Wine & Spirits, Coffee, Beverages, Confections and Cookies, Health Foods/Leisure Foods, and Tableware/Personal Food Machinery
The product spectrum covers all dog and cat categories, including large categories like dry and canned food to more specialty categories such as raw and dehydrated food, pet supplements and holistic remedies.
All the water is vacuumed from the food, and the dehydrated food is packaged to seal out oxygen and moisture.
They come in 30, 60 and 90 day packs of dehydrated food.
You get awful tired of eating all this dehydrated food.
He eats dehydrated food while on board, losing an average of a pound a day during each leg.
Equipped with basic rations of rice, lentils and dehydrated food, the pair aim to catch fish and eat with local families.
Water is added to one pouch, seeps through the membrane and into dehydrated food on the other side.
David Brunton of Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance, Birmingham, said: 'Sleaford Quality Foods has a successful track record within the dehydrated food industry and the new management have a clear vision about the next phase.
Explorers in the 21st century no longer have to eat those astronaut-style dehydrated food packs when they hit the wilderness.