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The measured results of delamination at entry and exit side of the specimen were measured and analyzed using statistical software.
The result is that, while standard vials showed delamination or at least early signs of it, the new SCHOTT vials remained stable.
The different mechanisms of damage encountered in this material are visualized through the acoustic emission and are mainly the matrix cracking, peeling at the fiber/matrix interface, the interlaminar delamination and final rupture of the fibers, which leads to degradation of the composite [9-11].
0] is initial delamination length; h is specimen thickness, [E.
Deep delamination of the bridge structure can be detected even at the reinforcement level due to the uneven heating caused by the voids left by the delamination process.
This test was performed at 77[degrees]C for a total of 120 hours of exposure, in which the Polyfuze graphic showed no visual change and no sign of delamination, and it passed the ASTM D3359-09 tape test upon completion.
In the first stage of analysis, light microscopy is used to examine intact vials for free floating particles with morphology consistent with glass delamination flakes.
Even though glass has a long history of use with a variety of pharmaceutical products, it has been the subject of several recalls often associated with delamination.
The bigger issue is delamination which we have had on Lewis's, Felipe's and Paul's car.
The most frequent defects caused by drilling composite materials are delamination, fiber pull-out, interlaminar cracks, or thermal degradation.
A defect may be called a crack in one standard and a delamination in another.