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Delegated Underwriting allows approved lenders to fully underwrite multifamily loans for Freddie Mac in accordance with its Delegated Underwriting Guide, said Kimball Griffith, Freddie Mac vice president of affordable sales and investments.
Under a plain reading of the statute, Congress left the taxation of settlement funds to Treasury's discretion, and the latter had not misused the delegated power.
Give your subordinates credit for their successes with delegated tasks.
And when a scandal makes some resulting regulatory abuse or failure apparent, Congress then hides from their ultimate responsibility by blaming those same bureaucrats they delegated the power to in the first place - a clear breakdown in our constitutional protection from arbitrary government power.
Perform such functions of the Board as may be delegated to it by the Board.
In the event that the person to whom the proxy is delegated is not named, said proxy shall be deemed to be granted to the Secretary of the Board of Directors.
government has legitimacy, and it is the proper venue for exercising those powers of governance that were delegated to it.
LOS ANGELES -- Exporters in California who need working capital to fulfill overseas orders now can more easily qualify for larger export finance loans with lower fees with City National Bank, which recently was designated as a "High Plus" Delegated Authority lender by The Export-Import Bank of the United States.
In addition to becoming a targeted affordable lender, Prudential has been delegated approval to underwrite and close qualifying transactions under Freddie Mac's Delegated Underwriting initiative.
DirectControl Comprehensively Extends Microsoft Active Directory by Delivering More Platform Support and More Group Policies for UNIX, Linux and Mac Than Any Other Solution; Other Unique Capabilities Include Delegated Administration of Non-Microsoft Systems
Delegated to employees best suited to carry them out, each role encompasses a set of software administration responsibilities for groups of desktops with similar criteria.
Its integrated security infrastructure combines the efficiency of directory-based user definition and authentication with the effectiveness of delegated user management and role and policy-based Web access control.