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To be fair, however, the author delimits her area of inquiry quite clearly in the beginning, so this emphasis is hardly a surprise.
While one might argue that the nature of Rudik's audience precludes a more sophisticated handling of the material, I rather see that the lack of theoretical sophistication delimits and devalues the literary works that form the subject of her book.
And in an otherwise laudable effort to link the limitations of certain narrative devices to various crises at the site of language and meaning as inscribed in, among other things, names, locations, and legends in Song of Solomon, Rice carries his insight to a dangerous extreme when he suggests that gender delimits Milkman's as it enables Pilate's ability to achieve "heroic" status.
Cavanagh's discussion focuses on key figures like Gloriana, Duessa, Una, Mirabella, Florimell, and Amoret, pointing up the ways in which Spenser's presentation of the feminine devalues it and delimits its potential for virtuous action or for power.
This entry delimits the competition area by boulevards located to the east and the west of the site.