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1. Archaic a person who fails in an obligation or duty
2. guilty of an offence or misdeed, esp one of a minor nature
3. failing in or neglectful of duty or obligation



in British and American law, a person who has not fulfilled an obligation imposed on him by law or contract; a person who has committed a violation or who has perpetrated a crime. The above meanings are the sources of the terms “delinquency” (a violation or crime) and “delinquent” (nonperformance of an obligation; for example, a tax not paid on time). In British legislation and in administrative-judicial practice, delinquents are minors whose behavior makes necessary the application of various measures of corrective influence provided by the criminal law or special legislation on youth, such as placement in correctional training institutions.


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The largest percentage of delinquent loans nationally was multi-family properties, which represented 16.
When taking a closer look at the seriously delinquent category, what is quite striking in the data is the dichotomy of falling inventories overall with the growth of loans in the extremely delinquent category (loans a year or more past due, but not in foreclosure).
Nearly two-thirds of all youth who reported that their last delinquent behaviour was discovered, said they were punished by their parents, a teacher, the police or another person.
Not surprisingly, the majority of studies to date with a focus on African-American male adolescents and their families have examined the effects of living in a single-parent household (almost always mother-only) versus a two-parent household on delinquent behavior (e.
However, in Weisbart, the court ruled that the mailbox rule applied to a delinquent tax return showing a tax overpayment.
But researchers have yet to pin down a direct mechanism that might contribute to the development of delinquent behavior.
If police officers did not regularly petition delinquent children to juvenile court, then what mechanisms did they use to regulate juvenile misconduct?
We need a new ordinance that will allow us to pursue delinquent tax payers more vigorously," he said.
Normally, adjudicating a delinquent takes place at the local level.
And with cutbacks in government funding, nursing home administrators must be more vigilant than ever in limiting the number of delinquent accounts.
The release also said the agencies would be limited to locating delinquent taxpayers, reminding them of the liabilities and securing promises to pay or commitments to enter installment agreements.
In the area of delinquent behavior, each camper was known to be receiving probation services for a current delinquent petition.