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see larkspurlarkspur,
any north temperate, Old World annual of the genus Consolida of the buttercup family. Consolida species were formerly classified in the genus Delphinium,
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(also larkspur), a genus of plants of the family Ranunculaceae. The annual species of Delphinium are often assigned to the genus Consolida. The leaves are divided palmately. The flowers—disposed in racemes or panicles—are irregular, large, and mainly dark blue, light blue or violet. The perianth is formed by five petaloid leaflets, and the superior leaflet has a spur. The fruit consists of one or three to five follicles. There are about 300 species in the northern hemisphere and in the mountains of tropical Africa and about 100 species in the USSR, found primarily in the Caucasus and in Middle Asia. The most common species are the annual branching larkspur (D. consolida), a nectarous weed that yields a dark blue color used in dyeing wool, and the perennial bee larkspur (D. elatum) that grows in forests, shrub thickets, and meadows and contains delphinine, elatine, and other alkaloids used in medicine. Both species are effective insecticides. Many species of Delphinium are cultivated as ornamental flowers.


any ranunculaceous plant of the genus Delphinium: many varieties are cultivated as garden plants for their spikes of blue, pink, or white spurred flowers
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The two plant species, Aconitum columbianum and Delphinium barbeyi, overlapped in habitat and time of flowering.
Delphiniums also add greatly to the height of the garden.
They wore bracelets of Belladonna delphinium and Vendella roses.
With the result, Cockscomb tied Delphinium on the group table.
Best of the Bunch Delphiniums 2 Rhododendron flowers - dead-head your Rhododendrons now to help the new growth to develop properly for next year's flowers.
Delphinium Volkerfrieden, Phlox Peppermint Twist, Astilbe Rock & Roll and Geranium Pratense.
The gazebo was flanked by iron urns filled with yellow and white roses, delphinium, and grape hyacinth, and the couple knelt on prie-Dieu on a white fringe carpet under a canopy of tulle.
She'll sow seeds of godetia, larkspur, sweet pea, and stock, and set out delphinium seedlings.
When photographed by Thomas Struth, sunflowers, yarrow, mallow, lilies, and delphinium express something very strange.