Demand for Payment

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Payment, Demand for


in the USSR, an order from a supplier for the transfer to his account of the appropriate sum from a purchaser’s account in payment for goods dispatched or services rendered. Demands for payment are used in acceptance accounting. They are used for local and intercity deliveries, as well as for direct shipments of finished products. The demand for payment should be drawn up and presented to the bank within three working days after the goods have been dispatched. In a number of instances a combined dispatch note and invoice, which gives the terms and elements of the charges in detail, is appended to the demand for payment. Since 1959, in order to simplify the work of the suppliers, a combined demand for payment, dispatch note, and invoice has been used. In accordance with the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of Apr. 3, 1967, the bank collects a penalty for the supplier in cases where a demand for payment is not met on time. This penalty is set at 0.03 percent daily of the overdue amount.

References in classic literature ?
In the first class he put the debts which he would have to pay at once, or for which he must in any case have the money ready so that on demand for payment there could not be a moment's delay in paying.
Regarded from this point of view Mr Pancks's puffings expressed injury and impatience, and each of his louder snorts became a demand for payment.
This led it to issue a final demand for payment for 9th October.
the conversation He rang to say he shouldn't have received this but has this month been sent another demand for payment from the debt recovery firm.
NOWSHERA -- Hundreds of employees of local government staged a protest strike in front of Nowshera Press Club here to press their demand for payment of salaries and pensions.
The suit claims Zaltash made a demand for payment but Brit refused.
Taylor said: "The threat of administration does hang over us and I, alongside the rest of the directors, hope that Jim and (former vicechairman) Vince Russo will defer their demand for payment and also do what is right, as they always said they would, for the future of Watford Football Club.
I RECENTLY moved house, and when I returned from holiday I found a demand for payment from a window cleaning company.
THE letter of demand for payment for Newcastle United season tickets for the 2008/09 season is dated May 2008, but was received only on June 11.
The IRS must send a 60-day notice of proposed assessment (Letter 1153) before making notice and demand for payment of the trust fund recovery penalty.
But the police said the demand for payment was made by mistake.
The bill was for repairs to the fence and was accompanied by a demand for payment of a pounds 120 admin- istration charge.