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As Homburg had dementedly stammered at the end of his own ordeal, it was only "a dream, what else?
As for the life of Wilks, they declare harshly that it "makes for a more incoherent volume than even Curll had managed to produce: it recycles material from a dozen earlier books, and veers dementedly from topic to topic" (228).
Idomeneo's act-two aria "Furo del mat" is so dementedly difficult that neither Domingo nor Pavarotti attempted its original version when performing the role.
She'll announce she wants her stuff--a flimsy excuse to look dementedly into your eyes one last time.
Stand-up comedians - who as we all know do what they do because they grew up in large or dementedly dysfunctional families and are starving for attention and approval - often send us career resumes that would cure insomnia.
Interviewing ANGELINA JOLIE to promote her forthcoming movie Taking Lives, Jakki seemed dementedly impressed that the actress kept her lovers and family separate.
Luke Kirby is charming and energetic in the role; the picture also features Sarah Policy and Jed Rees, whose dementedly wired gambling addict is a scene-stealer.
To a layperson unimpressed with the omniscient majesty of the law, Harmon's refusal to be confused by irrefutable facts--thereby allowing innocent convicts to rot in prison or even to be executed--appears to be not merely cruel and harsh but dementedly stupid.
The Chicago Anti-Bashing Network supports this position, which only goes to show how dementedly wrongheaded progressives are on the hate-crimes issue.
The perfect, dementedly show-biz example of this is the annual Carol at the Paramount Theatre in Madison Square Garden--a splashy, $12-million musical extravaganza about a family sinking into poverty.
20,843-9) [But I do not love too foolishly, for, if writing does not lie, many have loved more dementedly.
On one hand, these critics suggest that the derangement of Sanctuary results from the author's veering away from subjective expression towards a dementedly ocular "objectivity.