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1. short for demonstration
a. a demonstration record or tape, used for audition purposes
b. a demonstration of a prototype system


(organic chemistry)


/de'moh/ 1. A demonstration of a product, often of an early version or prototype. A demo is a far more effective way of inducing bugs to manifest themselves than any number of test runs, especially when important people are watching.

2. demo version.

3. A program written to demonstrate the programmer's coding ability and/or the power of the computer it runs on. Such demos are nearly always written in machine code and traditionally feature scrolling text about the author, his friends, his code and anything else he fancies and animated graphics.
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Here, since both the demo and the game as so-so, the demo isn't convincing anyone to purchase the game.
If you're asking them to sign your board then it's mandatory that the board you are asking them to sign is not a board that is manufactured by the company that is throwing the demo.
In addition to Turbo Demo, Bernard D&G also offers Internet Watcher 2000, a Windows security and acceleration application that filters out Internet ads, as well as web pages with inappropriate content.
Good tutorials "should be an inch deep and a mile wide," McLaren says--that is, the demo should provide a quick walk-through of the product without overwhelming the user with too much detail.
We checked in to the hotel, which wasin a sort of gated community connected to the mall where our demo was, and then drove through town to the huge snake run bowl.