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When they were demobbed - shaken but unbowed - the bosom pals drifted apart.
After a few months our sergeant was demobbed and Alan was posted to replace him and we stayed together until my demob a little before him, in September 1957.
I wrote the following memory of the time I was demobbed from Richmond barracks and returned home to 'My Middlesbrough.
He bought a Rolleiflex camera and after he was demobbed in August 1958 he was determined to pursue a career in photography.
I suffer for this now, but when I was demobbed after about three years abroad I came back by desert-truck to France.
On being demobbed I signed on the dole, only to be woken up at 2am to throw grit off a council wagon on icy roads.
Cookes Furniture, which has stores in Birmingham and Christchurch, Dorset, was established by Ted Cooke after he was demobbed from the Navy at the end of the Second World War and is now run by his son, Graham.
After he was demobbed from the 151st Durham Brigade in 1946, Richard returned to his bricklaying trade and built the semi-detached home at Zetland Drive, Whitley Bay, where he and Joan have spent most of their lives.
After being demobbed,Alice returned to her typing and filing job in the office of a wire works in Manchester while Stanley served three more years in the Forces.
Dad returned to Bournville when demobbed to complete 48 years' service at Cadbury's.
I WALKED out of HMS Sanderling, the Royal Navy base which became Glasgow Airport, for the last time on June 19, 1946, when I was demobbed.
On March 24, 1919 he was demobbed and transferred to Army Reserve Z.