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1. an advocate of democracy; adherent of democratic principles
2. a member or supporter of a democratic party or movement


(in the US) a member or supporter of the Democratic Party
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With the help of their allies in Congress, Adelstein and Copps will "put [the Republican commissioners] in a vise in the hearings," according to one Washington Democrat who follows communications issues.
Polls showed not just Democrats but Republicans and independents opposed to the Schiavo intervention.
At least, that's how Americans voted on the November 7: their wrath against GOP lawmakers gave the Democrats majority control of both the House and Senate.
Pennsylvania, where Senator Rick Santorum is in bad shape as pro-life Democrat Bob Casey moves ahead.
Keep in mind that short of Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, there was no Democrat in the Senate who was a more vocal supporter of going to war with Iraq than Clinton.
Some Democrats believe that if Nader had not run, most of those votes would have been cast for Democrat AI Gore.
Blagojevich lost to Ryan in the collar counties, but he did much better--with nearly 40 percent of the votes--than any Democrat since Daniel Walker won 42 percent there in 1972.
It required larger co-payments than the Democrat plan and reduced total payments with enrollees paying their own drug costs between $2,001 and $3,700 (leaving a "gap" in coverage with Medicare covering drug costs after that point).
Admittedly, many congressional Democrats may now oppose some of Bush's dangerous proposals for amassing presidential power, but how would these same congressmen vote if Hillary Clinton or another like-minded Democrat were to be elected president two years from now?
It's the race that could determine whether Democrats take control of the Senate; not coincidentally, it's easily going to be the most expensive race of the year.
Rendell, a Democrat, told her he needed every Democratic vote he could muster to sustain his veto in the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate.

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