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1. an advocate of democracy; adherent of democratic principles
2. a member or supporter of a democratic party or movement


(in the US) a member or supporter of the Democratic Party
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Tennessee: In one bright spot for the Religious Right, moderate Democrat Harold Ford was defeated by Republican Bob Corker for an open seat.
In Pennsylvania, Democrat Lois Murphy stands a good chance of unseating Republican Representative Jim Gerlach, who is heavily funded by the oil and pharmaceutical industries.
He won the votes of people who were going to vote Democratic no matter what, and would have voted for almost any Democrat running.
Lincoln managed to defeat both candidates put forth by the Democrats.
But The Chicago Reporter found in its October story "Campaigns Vie for Suburban Latinos" that the number of Latinos in the collar counties has risen more than 300 percent since 1980, helping Democrats and keeping Republicans on their toes.
According to the bipartisan June 25 Battleground 2002 Poll, a large percentage of women think that the Democrat Party in Congress is better able to handle protecting the environment, improving health care, protecting the middle class, creating jobs and strengthening Social Security.
Pitts indicated that he would work to explore meaningful and workable reform of the budget process as long as the House Democrat leadership cooperated in a spirit of true bipartisanship and fairness as compared to their arrogant 10-year control of the process.
Miller reported in an early pro-Santorum piece, Democrats pushed Casey into the race "because they think his pro-life views may deny Santorum a vital advantage.
She is the third Democrat in the state's 15th Congressional District to opt out of the race.
Ryan by less than 4 percent statewide, Poshard won more collar county votes than any Democrat since Daniel Walker in 1972.

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