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65 seconds at 140 miles per hour -- it's unlikely fans will keep the Demon inside for too long.
Revenge of the Evil Librarian deftly weaves multiple plots about relationships, plays, and demons into a charming tale with a likeable and charismatic narrator.
Although tantalizingly few materials directly address the demon and/or its cult, the materials that do exist are quite diverse in terms of genre; the cat demon is referenced in works traditionally and/or retrospectively categorized as history, medicine, literature, religion, and miscellany on popular lore.
He told us we have three demons in total, the other two helped the main demon pin me down.
Susan's pet Demon died But they said: "We take all complaints very seriously and our team are investigating this matter.
The Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: Second Millennium BC, overseen by Dr Kasia Szpakowska from the seaside university's Department of History and Classics, will explore the world of demons in second millennium BC Ancient Egypt (2000-1000 BC).
My characters debate over whether demons can be rehabilitated, and whether they are truly responsible for being evil (or if they are just 'sick').
In essence this series is based upon a familiar idea: A crowd of spooky demons invade the lives of two ordinary school girls, Miku Takeshita and her friend Cait O'Neill.
While the zombies aimlessly wander in the apartment, the demon that possesses these same zombies exhibits outstanding intelligence and is determined to leave the building.
The weeklong annual fair locally known as 'Kotlu' is held to celebrate the legendry mythological accord reached between Gods and demons.
The security and surveillance services company has launched its DEMON manager enterprise system to address sharing and managing intelligence between law enforcement services nationally and internationally.
THE close season is approaching for club golfers, a good time to face up to your demons.