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The slides were then washed 8 times with 100 [micro]L PBS+T, demounted, rinsed once with PBS+T and twice with doubly distilled water, and dried by centrifugation at 1500g with a slide spinner (Abimed).
The former consists of demounted electro-optic and Thales Mstar radar sensors set up on tripods up to 200 metres from the vehicle, while the latter has the same sensors on a mast that can extend up to ten metres.
Efficiency of the Pallecon is enhanced by the fact that five demounted units can fit into one.
The glass-fibre reinforced concrete panels are supported by a steel frame, which can be easily demounted and reconstructed for the pavilion's eventual relocation in the UAE.
A 2,500mm long overhang extension served as counterweight and could easily be mounted and demounted with a forklift.
Systems are provided for anilox and gravure cylinders, demounted plates and plate sleeves, :removable press parts, rotary screens and many other custom made applications.
In fact, Qatar has said that some of the stadiums being built for the FIFA 2022 World Cup will be demounted and shipped around the world.
The wafer is mounted onto a carrier which provides support and stability during processing, and at the end of the process it has to be demounted without causing damage to the wafer.
A typical special forces addition is a rear area tailgate that can be demounted for use as a workbench or even as an emergency casualty stretcher.
In fact, the cork walls are prefabricated panels which, like the modular steel structure, will be demounted at the end of Expo to be re-erected in Portugal.
The form is a creative response to the need for a building that can be easily erected and subsequently demounted by hand, uses Kebony timber - a previously untried material - of a given size and limited thickness, and had to be delivered within a strict budget.
The one to the south will be demounted, while the one to the north (by Portuguese architects Antonio Barreiros Ferreira and Alberto Franca Doria) is a permanent exhibition centre.