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1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
2. a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii



an ancient Roman silver coin consisting of ten asses. It was first minted in 269 B.C. and contained 4.55 g of pure silver. A number of countries that had close trade ties with ancient Rome, such as the lands occupied by presentday Iraq and Yugoslavia, still retain monetary units derived from the Roman denarius.

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40,000,000 16 Total Expenses 555,000,000 Difference 55,600,000 *** * Throughout this article, the Roman silver denarius (d) is used as a standard of account.
Now I know that the building never did belong to Denarius and that Boccolini had bribed the guards at the entrance to let us in to see the place," said one of the businessmen.
The Vertis Handicap Hurdle provides Denarius with a golden opportunity of being rewarded for his consistency this season with victory at the fifth attempt this term.
The silver denarius was minted in the 670s in East Kent at much the same time as it appeared in the Frankish Kingdoms.
Lengths (and most often weights) are indicated by a d (which stands for denarius, the Roman equivalent of a penny, a throwback to the days when it described how much you'd pay for 100 nails of a certain size) and a number: 2d = 1[inches], 3d = 1 1/4[inches], 4d = 1 1/2[inches], and so on.
The very possession of a vineyard had to involve the foreclosure of peasant farms, and the denarius offered all the laborers must be (despite the evidence cited by the majority of H.
8 The function of the denarius in the Roman Iron Age is disputed, but it seems likely to have represented a standard value (S.
Our forefathers were paid one denarius a day, so we should continue to be paid that amount today.
The Bengals have added to their depth at receiver by signing Denarius Moore, an unrestricted free agent from Oakland.
A denarius bore the image of Caesar, who demanded denarii in return.
Deriving from the denarius, a silver coin, 240 oequal to one pound of silver - aturn this came from another Libra, signifying a Roman unOffa realised that the Mercneeded to be improved to a acceptable to the Franks if thbe successful trading betweekingdoms.
Other nominees on the Watch List are quarterbacks Vernon Adams of Eastern Washington, Jimmy Garoppolo of Eastern Illinois, Brock Jensen of North Dakota State, Jeff Mathews of Cornell, DeNarius McGhee of Montana State, Jerick McKinnon of Georgia Southern and Michael Nebrich of Fordham; running backs Zach Bauman of Northern Arizona, Isaiah Crowell of Alabama State, Timothy Flanders of Sam Houston State, Kyle Harbridge of Saint Francis (Pa.