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1. a silver coin of ancient Rome, often called a penny in translation
2. a gold coin worth 25 silver denarii



an ancient Roman silver coin consisting of ten asses. It was first minted in 269 B.C. and contained 4.55 g of pure silver. A number of countries that had close trade ties with ancient Rome, such as the lands occupied by presentday Iraq and Yugoslavia, still retain monetary units derived from the Roman denarius.

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According to Mercer, the acquisition further strengthens its capabilities in Chile, building upon strong relationships the firm has with multinationals and expanding Mercer's business with Chilean-based business organizations that rely on the expertise of Denarius.
Augustan policies isolated the Egyptian economy by preventing the denarius from circulating in Egypt.
We came to the Denarius offices, in the heart of Sofia.
Their conclusion was based on Cleopatra's depiction on a Roman denarius coin which shows her as a sharp-nosed, thin-lipped woman with a protruding chin.
The Revelation passage mentioned above decries charging a denarius, about a day's pay, for a quart of wheat or three quarts of barley while "oil and wine" production remains unaffected (Revelation 6:6).
In turn, these businessmen were given carte blanche to raise money by charging a poll tax--basically an existence tax--of one denarius a year on females between the ages of 12 and 65 and males over the age of 14.
with gladius, denarius and harry us) and an impressive description of
He investigates the nature and use of money from the creation of the denarius system during the Second Punic War to the battle of Actium in 31 BCE, in order to clarify the development of the Roman economy during this period of rapid imperial expansion and increased wealth.
The denarius, with a value of forty maravedis, was initially minted from pure silver.
In 793 or 794 Charlemagne raised the weight of the Frankish denarius and increased its size, thereby creating what would long remain the appearance of the typical medieval penny.
The Vertis Handicap Hurdle provides Denarius with a golden opportunity of being rewarded for his consistency this season with victory at the fifth attempt this term.
Lengths (and most often weights) are indicated by a d (which stands for denarius, the Roman equivalent of a penny, a throwback to the days when it described how much you'd pay for 100 nails of a certain size) and a number: 2d = 1[inches], 3d = 1 1/4[inches], 4d = 1 1/2[inches], and so on.