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These similarity coefficients were used to construct dendrogram using the unweighted pair group method with arithmetic averages (UPGMA)
Dendrogram generated by FPQuest software showing the pattern of SfiI bands for isolates of Legionella pneumophila from 2 street cleaning trucks, Barcelona, Spain, 2015.
Dendrogram can also be very useful in understanding dataset and help identify outliers.
The dendrogram of the ISSR molecular markers revealed four distinct heterogeneous groups with a similarity slightly less than 68%.
The second branch of the dendrogram presented in Figure 1 includes 41.
The dendrogram has been divided into two major clusters in between 0.
In the dendrogram obtained, the 15 genotypes sampled are divergent since all genotypes have grouped above 50%, which may be correlated with the large variation of the phenotypic features, probably associated with the genetic variability existing in P.
ij] is the value of dissimilarity between individuals i and j obtained from the dissimilarity matrix; in a good clustering, it is expected that the differences in distances between those obtained with the dendrogram (by observing the order determined by the distances observed) and the predicted distances are small.
Regarding the cut in the dendrogram, in approximately 50% of dissimilarity, the formation of three groups was observed (Figure 1).
In the dendrogram, the isolates were separated into two major clusters (Z and Y) at similarity levels between 47% and 100% (Fig.