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1. Law obsolete a charge or accusation of crime made by an individual before a public prosecutor or tribunal
2. a formal announcement of the termination of a treaty



(in international law) the refusal of one party to an international treaty to fulfill the terms of the treaty, which entails its termination. As a rule, the right of denunciation is provided for in the treaty itself, as are the conditions thereof.



(1) A false accusation made against someone.

(2) In Soviet law, testimony by the accused (defendant), victim, or witness that falsely accuses another person of committing a crime.

Unlike a false report, a denunciation can only be made during an interrogation at agencies of preliminary investigation or in court. A denunciation may be made against any person regardless of whether criminal proceedings have been instituted against the person. It may result from a bona fide error (a mistake in evaluating the actions of the person about whom testimony is given or an incorrect interpretation of facts), or it may be testimony known to be false. Only a denunciation known to be false, given by a witness or victim, is punishable.

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If someone wants to denounce the Internet, they're welcome to it--but at the peril of their country.
Our people is furious and indignant and once again raises its voice to denounce all these imperialist manoeuvres against our nation," presenter Rafael Serrano said as the event was broadcast live across Cuba's state- run TV and radio network.
Koko et al stripped us of our committee chairmanships for not toeing the admin line on extrajudicial killings, the Marcos burial, the Lascanas and BID (Bureau of Immigration) hearings and then he expects us to denounce the impeachment proceedings to prove to him we aren't behind the filing of the complaint?
Protesters marched through the streets of Bizerte and headed to the seat of the Governorate where a sit-in was observed to denounce the acts of violence.
And it prompted a new organized opposition effort that lined up politicians, including Mayor James Hahn and most of the City Council members from the northeast San Fernando Valley, to denounce the dump.
By the same token, the manifesto denounces the publicity bombardment and ensuing alienation of the consumer.
The company has firmly stated that it has not retained such a third party and denounces any investor sending out such spam in an attempt to possibly increase the value of their own personal investment.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Representatives of Russian youth organizations and members of the Syrian community staged a sit-in in front of the French Embassy in Moscow to show solidarity with Syria and its people and denounce the US-western stances against Syria.
Indeed every member of the civil society must raise his or her voice and denounce this monstriety, he said.
2006 (June): "Gay" activists denounce honourary degrees to be conferred by Toronto's Ryerson University on bio-ethicist Dr.
And praise to all the House members who had the courage to stand up and denounce the low-down Republican tactics that were disenfranchising predominantly African American voters.
If Williams is as sincerely anti-gang and pro-children as his books proclaim, why the hesitancy to publicly denounce both Snoop Dogg and his sponsors?