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denticulated, denticular

Ornamented with dentils.
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The S elements display considerable variation, but all have a tall distinct, gently tapering cusp and a denticulated posterior process.
White and O'Connell (1982:112) suggested that the most elegant points with finely serrated or denticulated margins are a post-contact phenomenon.
Some show a denticulated retouch with a functional implication discussed below.
There are nevertheless several important differences, which also suggest that the jaw apparatus of Kajoprion belongs to labidognath type: (1) symmetrical right and left MII with the ramus and denticulated shank, (2) presence of a prominent inner wing in the left MI, (3) presence of the subtriangular outer wing in the left MI, and the ramus and bight in the right MI, suggesting the existence of the basal plate, and (4) myocoele openings that are slightly enclosed (Figs 1, 2).
The widest blade OB312 has a denticulated profile and the kind of intense edge damage (Figure 7) associated with harvesting/cereal processing (cf.