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Both dentigerous cysts and ameloblastomas, which are discussed in greater detail in the next section, originate in the bony maxilla and may then secondarily involve the adjacent maxillary sinus.
Like dentigerous cysts, ameloblastomas occur much more commonly in the mandible than the maxilla; only 20% of ameloblastomas occur in the maxilla.
According to the report, "stratified squamous epithelium, foci of lipogranuloma, and extensive hyalinization of fibrous connective tissue" were observed, confirming the diagnosis of a dentigerous cyst.
Dentigerous cyst of the maxillary sinus causing elevation of the orbital floor.
Histologically, dentigerous cysts typically feature a thin connective-tissue wall that is lined by a thin layer of stratified squamous epithelium within the lumen.
Patients with a dentigerous cyst require periodic monitoring to identify and manage a malignant transformation or, in the case of cyst removal, a recurrence.
4) The anatomic location of a maxillary dentigerous cyst and the level of an individual surgeon's ability will determine whether a patient can be operated on endoscopically.
Dentigerous cysts are the most common type of developmental odontogenic cysts.