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1. Law obsolete a charge or accusation of crime made by an individual before a public prosecutor or tribunal
2. a formal announcement of the termination of a treaty



(in international law) the refusal of one party to an international treaty to fulfill the terms of the treaty, which entails its termination. As a rule, the right of denunciation is provided for in the treaty itself, as are the conditions thereof.



(1) A false accusation made against someone.

(2) In Soviet law, testimony by the accused (defendant), victim, or witness that falsely accuses another person of committing a crime.

Unlike a false report, a denunciation can only be made during an interrogation at agencies of preliminary investigation or in court. A denunciation may be made against any person regardless of whether criminal proceedings have been instituted against the person. It may result from a bona fide error (a mistake in evaluating the actions of the person about whom testimony is given or an incorrect interpretation of facts), or it may be testimony known to be false. Only a denunciation known to be false, given by a witness or victim, is punishable.

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The committee in charge of reviewing applications for the protection and regularisation of situations made the decision following a meeting held Friday to examine these cases and in compliance with the provisions of article 39 of the organic law nA; 2017-10 of March 7, 2017, on corruption denunciation, INLUCC said Saturday in a press release.
Some of the tribes, families and associations that have expressed strongest denunciation of Iran's meddling in the internal affairs of Bahrain included Al-Thawawdha tribe in the Kingdom of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the family of Al Saleh, Al Hamer and Bu Zaid Al Dosary families in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the family of Al Halhali Al Hajjaji, the Buyoot Al-Rahman Service Society and Sudanese journalists in Bahrain.
The Kuwaiti denunciation was expressed in a letter from the Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah addressed to the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs Jamal al-Salal.
The lack of control over the movement of cross-border dual-use goods on the territory of the EurAsEC member states could threaten the national security, which called the need for denunciation of the agreement.
MP Ghaid Kmbash from Motahedoon Coalition bloc said in a press release today that condemnation and denunciation for the terrorist acts carried out by the extremists against places of worship and declaring war upon them, no longer do any good.
Damascus, (SANA)- Hundreds of teachers and students in Syria staged Thursday a sit-in to express rejection of the hostile policies against Syria and denunciation of the terrorism targeting it.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The international committee of Kyrgyzstan's parliament on Monday approved the denunciation of the agreement with the United States on the deployment of an American military base in Bishkek's airport Manas.
The denunciation of the agreement will bring to the loss of a significant tax volume.
Meanwhile, Minster of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Call and Guidance Saleh Al-Asheikh has thanked Qaradawi for his denunciation of Hezbollah.
A total of 96 lawmakers voted in favor of the denunciation, while 27 were against and one abstained from voting.
In their mad denunciation of fracking, the Greens and the eco-warriors betray the mindset of people who cannot bear a piece of unadulterated good news" - Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, condemning opponents of the extraction of shale gas.
These include the site of the PVV, the far-right party in the Netherlands, which urges citizens to report any problems experienced with citizens from Central Europe, and its Belgian copy launched by Flemish Vlaams Belang extremists, concerning denunciation of problems with undocumented persons.