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1. Law obsolete a charge or accusation of crime made by an individual before a public prosecutor or tribunal
2. a formal announcement of the termination of a treaty



(in international law) the refusal of one party to an international treaty to fulfill the terms of the treaty, which entails its termination. As a rule, the right of denunciation is provided for in the treaty itself, as are the conditions thereof.



(1) A false accusation made against someone.

(2) In Soviet law, testimony by the accused (defendant), victim, or witness that falsely accuses another person of committing a crime.

Unlike a false report, a denunciation can only be made during an interrogation at agencies of preliminary investigation or in court. A denunciation may be made against any person regardless of whether criminal proceedings have been instituted against the person. It may result from a bona fide error (a mistake in evaluating the actions of the person about whom testimony is given or an incorrect interpretation of facts), or it may be testimony known to be false. Only a denunciation known to be false, given by a witness or victim, is punishable.

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In the department of musicology there were very few people willing to lend their names to denunciatory texts of the type required, and so the leadership decided that the task should be conceived in broader terms.
Scalia's denunciatory tone has no place in a pluralism-facilitating
It is an indication of the religious right's loathing of Kinsey that the picture, probably the least titillating movie ever in which sex plays a central role, prompted protests and denunciatory press releases.
The mounting sense of expectancy in this regard goes back to last March, when, as related by this Branch in FN Number 186 of 9 May 1944, the Communist papers in the United States began publication of denunciatory items directed against Subasich's revered and life-long political chief and mentor, Vladimir Machek, leader of the Croatian Peasant Party.
But in the descriptive and denunciatory writings about women, gender and AIDS in Latin America, rare are the references to the undeniable fact that a man, in order to transmit HIV to a woman, has to have acquired the infection himself.
For some it is a denunciatory word, for others a hortatory one.
This denunciatory apostasy was clearly at work in the Birth of Tragedy.
190) He then considers the Court's attempts to apply the retributive justification in the death penalty context, focusing on Justice Stewart's discussion in Gregg, which Gey characterizes as "the version of retributive theory that emphasizes the denunciatory function of punishment.
It is perhaps significant to note that in contrast to Nichiren's highly critical and denunciatory tone vis-a-vis other Buddhist schools, his view of non-Buddhist paths, specifically Confucian and Hindu doctrines, had a tone of inclusiveness.
For obvious reasons, stories of victimization and suffering at the hands of oppressors will resonate among a trampled and humiliated people whose homeland has been a "real" country for less than twenty of the last three hundred years, even if the same stories are too often turned into denunciatory gestures or used to blame alien forces and influences as the cause of this suffering.
Brennan, in notably denunciatory terms, predicted that society would be "shocked" by the Court's narrow perception of privacy rights and its acquiescence in a level of untoward scrutiny that ran counter "to commonly accepted notions of civilized behavior.
On one hand, inmates are punished for past offenses, indicating that a denunciatory, retributive mode of thought is central to the criminal justice system.