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The removal or prevention of polarization in a substance (for example, through the use of a depolarizer in an electric cell) or of polarization arising from the field due to the charges induced on the surface of a dielectric when an external field is applied.
The resolution of polarized light in an optical depolarizer.



the decrease in the difference in potentials during the resting state (so-called resting potential) between the internal and external sides of the membrane of a living cell. In nerve cells and their processes, as well as in muscle fibers, depolarization is one of the most important components of the process of excitation. Stable depolarization may occur experimentally or in certain diseases as a result of direct damage to the membrane or disruption of metabolism.

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The move to sell through intermediaries coincides with the depolarisation of the financial advice market that will enable IFAs to promote a wider range of products.
At the same time distribution of pensions will be affected by depolarisation and the introduction of basic advisers.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- Depolarisation, the introduction of new products and changing consumer preferences are having major impacts on bancassurance.
City watchdog the Financial Services Authority is set to introduce the new regime, known as depolarisation, at the end of this year or the beginning of 2004.
We remain confident that marketing in a wide range of best of breed products and services puts us in a strong position to benefit from both depolarisation of financial advice and a recovery in market sentiment,' Mr Wilson said.
Aegon is preparing for proposed changes to the financial services industry called depolarisation.