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In a statement after they met to say goodbye Sunday, al-Maliki said UN envoy Ad Melkert affirmed UN support on many matters, "including the issue of Camp Ashraf and the necessity of implementing the cabinet's decree to deport its residents outside Iraq by the end of this year.
At the same time, there has been a small uptick in views that the government should deport all illegal immigrants.
Similarly, the INS now must deport non-citizen residents if they have the wrong opinions.
Employers in Maesot have been pressuring the government not to deport the illegal immigrants because they are needed to maintain the low cost of production.
To soothe the fears, the INS opened 107 new offices that only process applications for amnesty; this keeps applicants from having to deal with the same agents who may have been trying to deport them.
Government sources admit Saudi Arabia is wary of deporting Fasih because its move to deport 26/ 11 key player Abu Jundal to India earlier this year had put the Gulf country in a spot.
Answering an urgent question in the Commons, Theresa May insisted the bail conditions would be very strict and the Government wanted to deport Qatada before the bail expired in three months.
A FATHER has hit out at the decision to block a legal bid to deport a failed asylum seeker who killed his daughter.
Iran refuses to take him--and five others that Canada wants to deport.
Summary: BEIRUT: An attempt on Monday by General Security to forcibly deport an Iraqi refugee was called off at the very last minute, according to human rights workers.
Years ago Britain used to deport criminals to Australia; now in 2008 Australia is deporting one of their own criminals to Britain.
News of her death has reignited the controversy surrounding the decision to deport the mother in the first place.