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The date or dates on which the Depositary will sell remaining deposited shares of the Company has not been determined, but it will not be earlier than July 31, 2006.
Once a company sets up a payroll card for an employee, the employee's wages can be deposited directly to the card each pay period for immediate access by the employee.
Visitors can ensure that checks deposited across varied and multiple points of presentment are automatically processed at each partner booth, and that all check data and images are virtually captured across a diverse point of presentment network, and processed for onward inter-bank exchange.
The Depositary will continue to collect from Netia the dividends and other distributions pertaining to deposited shares and will continue to deliver the deposited shares, together with any dividends and other distributions pertaining to deposited shares, in exchange for the ADRs surrendered to the Depositary.
Standard & Poor's has carefully researched and analyzed the various scenarios that could occur when a bank defaults, and is comfortable that cash proceeds deposited in Entirely Insured Deposit accounts would be recovered at a level of certainty consistent with the Japanese sovereign obligation, and within a very short time," said Mr.
At any time after the expiration of six (6) months from the date of termination, the Depositary may sell the Deposited Securities then held and may thereafter hold the net proceeds of any such sale, together with any cash then held by it, unsegregated and without liability for interest, for the pro rata benefit of the holders of ADRs which have not been surrendered prior to such time, such holders thereupon becoming general creditors of the Depositary with respect to such proceeds.