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From this foundation, later in the deposition the questioner can gain admissions or, with an expert, opinions.
The new rule reflects the Court's growing acceptance of depositions as a trial preparation tool and activity that may enhance settlements in cases involving expert testimony.
Today's mail--or perhaps the sheriff--has delivered a subpoena for you to appear for a deposition in five weeks.
Atmospheric mercury concentrations, dry mercury deposition rates, and wet mercury deposition rates were predicted in a 5 x 5 km area surrounding the Conesville and JM Stuart coal-fired power plants.
SCR 206(a) requires a party taking a deposition to state in the notice whether the deposition is to be for evidence or discovery, and SCR 212 dictates how depositions may be used.
EsquireConnect users can quickly and easily reschedule depositions as often as needed, with all schedule changes confirmed by email - a critical feature given the frequency that depositions are rescheduled.
5) Even if the Board ultimately determines that the June 6 Order is improper and that Peyrelevade should be permitted to testify by deposition, the Board can simply remand the matter for consideration of a deposition of Peyrelevade by the ALL While Peyrelevade and Enforcement Counsel disagree on the amount of delay that would be caused by rescheduling Peyrelevade's deposition, it seems unlikely at this point that any substantial delay or expense would result even if it is ultimately necessary to re-request authorization for Peyrelevade's deposition, given that the French Ministry of Justice authorized the requested depositions (including Peyrelevade's) on August 26, 2005.
During the course of the plaintiff's deposition counsel for Dr.
However, very little research has examined deposition in animal models that are currently being used in studies of PM health effects as surrogates of susceptible human populations.
I believe online real-time depositions could result in significant savings of time and money, and should be more effective" than telephone depositions, said Timothy Jacobson of La Crosse, Wisconsin, who is involved in several cases with cocounsel scattered around the state.
Jones smiled broadly as she emerged from her flight to Washington on Friday evening, but declined to comment on Clinton's upcoming deposition.
Limiting the number (and, at the judge's discretion, the length) of depositions and the number of interrogatory requests.